Sl.No Faculty Title CoAuthor Publisher Year Pages ISBN
1 Dr. Juby Mathew Algorithm Analysis,Foundations,Analysis and Examples Dr.R Vijayakumar Vimala Books,Kanjirapally 2016-05-31 978-93-5267-154-0
2 Syam Gopi Cyber Crime -Community Awareness and Prevention Prof.Manoj T Joy Nextguard 2018-01-01 978-93-5396-968-4
3 Dr. Juby Mathew നവ മാധ്യമങ്ങൾ - സുരക്ഷ മുൻകരുതലുകൾ Vimala Books 2019-06-10 ISBN 978-93-5361-524-6
4 Dr. Juby Mathew കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ രംഗത്തെ നൂതന വിപ്ലവങ്ങൾ Vimala Books 2019-10-31 ISBN 978-93-5361-392-1
5 Syam Gopi A Guide to Sustainability Dr. Sreekala K S S S Publishers 1901-06-30 978-93-5578-554-1
6 Syam Gopi Jeevitham Enthakkanam S S Publishers 2022-04-30 978-93-5593-143-6
7 Manoj T Joy Cyber crime -Community awareness and prevention Syam Gopi Nextguard Publishers, Kanjirappally 2019-06-01 978-93-5396-968-4
8 Dr. Sinciya P.O ICDSMLA 2020 - Weight Optimized fuzzy gravitational classifier for imbalanced medical datasets Sinciya P.O. Springer 2022-02-02 ISBN 978-981-13-3151-0
9 Dr. Arun K S Evaluation of the Role of Low Level and High Level Features in Content Based Medical Image Retrieval. Sarath K S Springer Berlin, Heidelberg. 2010-09-07 319-325 978-3-642-15765-3
10 Fr. Siju John Data Security in Cloud Using RSA and GNFS Algorithms an Integrated Approach D.Dhanya,Lenin Fred Springer 2020-09-28 127-135 978-3-030-41862-5
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