Sl.No Faculty Title Publisher Role Duration
1 Dr. Jaimon Yohannan International Journal of Antennas and Propagation HINDAWI Publishing Corporation Reviewer 2015-06-10-2016-07-12
2 Dr. Jacob Philip Indian J. Pure and Appl. Physics CSIR Member 2009-01-01-2014-12-31
3 Dr. Jacob Philip J. Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR Member 2010-01-01-2014-12-31
4 Dr. Jacob Philip J. Instrument Soc. India Instrument Society of India Member 2008-01-01-2011-12-31
5 George Sebastian IJRME Research script international journals Reviewer 2016-10-01-2017-09-30
6 Richu Zachariah The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal Bentham Open Reviewer 2017-01-24-1970-01-01
7 Sreekumar K Trans Indian Institute of Metals Spl supplement. IIM, Elsevier Guest editor 2015-01-01-2015-05-31
8 George Sebastian KETCON KTU Reviewer 2016-12-01-2016-01-25
9 Dr. Juby Mathew Indian Journal of Science and Technology Indian Society of Education and Environment Reviewer 2016-06-01-2018-05-22
10 George Sebastian Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019) Taylor & Francis Coordinator 2019-07-18-2019-07-19
11 George Sebastian Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019) Taylor & Francis Reviewer 1970-01-01-2019-07-19
12 George Sebastian Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019) Taylor & Francis Session chair 2019-07-18-2019-07-19
13 Abubeker K.M International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) - SSN: 2320-2882 IJCRT Reviewer- Member ID :114671 2019-01-04-1970-01-01
14 Abi Varghese Journal of Food Process Engineering Wiley-Blackwell Publications Reviewer 2019-05-09-2019-12-31
15 Abi Varghese Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019) , Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Emerging Research Areas (AICERA 2019), Reviewer 2019-07-18-2019-07-19
16 Abi Varghese Kerala Technological Congress (KETCON-2016 Technology for Sustainability) Proceedings of the Kerala Technological Congress (KETCON-2016 Technology for Sustainability) Reviewer 2016-01-07-2016-01-08
17 Neenu R BYTES- CSE department Newsletter Department of CSE , AJCE Editorial board Member 2015-01-01-2019-06-30
18 Abubeker K.M KETCON 2016 (Kerala Technical Congress) KETCON 2016 -proceedings of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University Reviewer 2016-01-08-2016-01-09
19 Abubeker K.M KSCSTE- TEKON 2018 Proceedings KSCSTE- TEKON 2018 Proceedings Mentor of Innovation 2018-02-23-2018-02-25
20 Dr. Soney C George Science Progress Sage Member , Editorial Board Member 2019-07-01-2020-07-13
21 Dr. Soney C George International Journal of Membrane Science And Technology other Editorial Board Member 1970-01-01-2020-07-07
22 Richu Zachariah Solar Energy Elsevier Reviewer 2019-10-02-2022-12-31
23 Richu Zachariah Applied Energy Elsevier Reviewer 2020-07-23-2022-12-31
24 Richu Zachariah Desalination and Water Treatment Taylor & Francis Reviewer 2019-11-21-2022-12-31
25 Richu Zachariah Renewable Energy Focus Elsevier Reviewer 2019-08-27-2022-12-31
26 Dr. David K Daniel FOOD SCIENCE AND APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY The Academic Publishing House of the University of Food Technologies, Plovdiv Editor-Foreign Member 2018-03-10-2020-09-21
27 Abubeker K.M UGC Approved International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) , ISSN 2349-5138 IJRAR Reviewer- Member ID : 116128 1970-01-01-1970-01-01
28 Dr. P. Ganesan Energy Elsevier Reviewer 2013-08-14-2020-09-28
29 Dr. P. Ganesan Applied Energy Elsevier Reviewer 2017-03-18-2020-09-28
30 Dr. P. Ganesan Energy Policy Elsevier Reviewer 2014-09-14-2020-09-28
31 Dr. P. Ganesan Process Safety and Environmental Protection Elsevier Reviewer 2019-09-18-2020-09-28
32 Dr. P. Ganesan Cogent Engineering Taylor & Francis Reviewer 2016-03-07-2020-09-28
33 Dr. P. Ganesan Journal of Cleaner Production Elsevier Reviewer 2018-11-27-2020-09-28
34 Dr. P. Ganesan Thermal Science University of Belgrade, Serbia Reviewer 2016-04-02-2016-08-06
35 Dr. P. Ganesan International Journal of Energy Research John Wiley Reviewer 2017-04-06-2017-06-19
36 Dr. P. Ganesan International Journal of Green Energy Taylor & Francis Reviewer 2017-05-09-2018-12-10
37 Dr. P. Ganesan Internatinal Energy Journal Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand Reviewer 2015-06-01-2016-06-14
38 Dr. Mini Mathew Applied Mechanics and Materials Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland Editor 2016-01-01-2017-08-31
39 Dr. Asha Joseph International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) IGI Global Editorial Review Board 2016-02-19-2021-02-22
40 Dr. Asha Joseph Big Data Research Elsevier Editorial Review Board 2020-10-29-2021-02-22
41 Dr. Asha Joseph Cogent Engineering Taylor & Francis Journal Taylor & Francis Editorial Review Board 2019-08-08-2021-03-31
42 Dr. P. Ganesan Energy Conversion and Management Elsevier Reviewer 2021-04-05-2021-07-06
43 Abi Varghese Journal of Natural Fibers Taylor Francis Reviewer 2021-08-01-2022-08-01
44 Fr. Dr. Rubin Thottupurathu Jose International Journal of Information Management Data Insights Elsevier Reviewer 2022-02-02-2026-05-03
45 Abi Varghese Shock and Vibration Hindawi Reviewer 2022-03-01-2022-03-09
46 Manoj T Joy Kerala Technological Congress Man Tech Publications Reviewer 2016-08-01-2016-09-01
47 Manoj T Joy International Journal on Emerging Research Areas(IJERA)-ISSN No 2230-9993 (2011) Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Editor 2011-01-01-2022-05-01
48 Manoj T Joy Nextguard Journals on Cyber Crimes(Malayalam) Nextguard Editor 2018-07-01-2022-05-01
49 Dr. Asha Joseph CRC Press Taylor and Francis Reviewer 2022-05-01-2022-06-30
50 Dr. Asha Joseph International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning(IJCBPL) IGI Global Reviewer 2022-01-01-2022-08-31
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